Vineyard Management

Northern Vineyard Services works closely with Tasmanian viticulturists namely Dr Andrew Pirie M ScAgr PhD from Apogee Vineyard and Bruce McCormack, B. A. Sc. (Viticulture) from Grapevine Management Services.

Vineyard Operations 

Our services include:

  • planting
  • power harrowing
  • seeding
  • fertiliser spreading
  • pruning
  • sweeping
  • mulching
  • compost spreading
  • wire dropping
  • wire lifting
  • spraying
  • desuckering
  • trimming
  • slashing
  • side netting
  • over row netting
  • picking
  • trellis repairs and maintenance

Vineyard Development

Our skilled team will undertake trellis construction as required. We liaise with the Viticulturist/Owners and Surveyors. We will mark out post positions, install posts, run irrigation dripper pipe and install cordon and foliage wires in readiness for planting.


Our equipment is maintained to the highest standard and all our work is carried out with the needs of the vineyard owner in mind.  Northern Vineyard Services provides a high quality vineyard contracting service.

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